Topic (Foundation Subjects)

At St Patrick’s we believe in a thematic, cross curricular approach to teaching the national curriculum. Each half term the curriculum is led either by a history or geography theme and is underpinned by the class studying a quality text linked to their topic or a range of texts by the same author or on the same theme. This reinforces our belief that opportunities for reading and writing must be planned for in all curriculum areas and enable pupils to develop strong English skills which in turn enable them to access learning in all curriculum subjects. Children are enthused about learning and develop subject specific skills in a purposeful and meaningful way and enables them to see the connections between the different subject areas.

To see our Whole School Curriculum overview Please view this document:

Curriculum Overview 2019 20

Find out more about each year group’s topics by clicking on the pictures below.

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As part of our topic approach we believe that experiences are invaluable to give children a wide range of experiences. With this in mind we plan trips, visits and visitors throughout the year to widen curriculum opportunities and development of enthusiasm for learning.

We teach all of the foundation subjects as part of our topics but you can find out more about individually each below.

All learning at Saint Patrick’s is underpinned by our Core Learning Values.

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