Online Safety

E-safety is extremely important to keeping our children safe. In an online world of apps, multiple consoles, social networking and ever-evolving technology it’s hard to stay up-to-date, but our key messages for e-safety are:

Knowledge, Talking and Reporting.


It can be difficult to stay up-to-date when the children are using apps we’ve never ever heard of! Please check our weekly twitter updates for information about new apps so you can keep your subject knowledge about apps and social networking ahead of the children.


Use the NSPCC netaware website to find out more information about different apps.

The website gives information about age ratings, content and importantly reporting.

Have a look through the informative posters from the National Online Safety to give even further advice and help with apps.


It’s always important to talk to your child about e-safety. Making safety a normal, every day conversation will help your child know that you understand and can support with online safety and that they know they can talk to you if anything makes them feel uncomfortable. Please have a look at this poster for ways to start the conversation.


All apps and online sites have different ways of reporting something that makes you uncomfortable. Please use the netaware site to report anything which makes you uncomfortable. Talk to your child about reporting and that it is a good thing to report and it’s about keeping everyone safe.

Always make your child feel that no matter how far something has gone, it’s never too late to ask for help.

For more information please refer to our e-safety policy:

Online Safety Policy January 2022