Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The staff and governors at St Patrick’s are dedicated to supporting children with SEND needs. Having an additional needs will not stop your child making progress at St Patrick’s. God made every one of us unique, with many talents and we each have things we find difficult. We aim to provide all children with a broad and balanced education and support where necessary to ensure every has access to a high quality education.

Saint Patrick’s SEND Policy

Our policy outlines all the aims and beliefs we hold as a school about providing a quality education for our children with SEND.

SEND Policy

Saint Patrick’s Information Report

This report outlines everything you need to know as a parent about how to access support, what kinds of support we offer and all things SEND related at Saint Patrick’s. It also outlines Nottingham’s Local offer in relation to SEND provision.

Please click on which ever box you’d like to find more information about and it will take you directly to that page if you do not wish to read through the entire document.

SEND Information Report to Parents

Annual Report to Parents and Governors

These reports give an overview of the specific support and actions for each year. The School SENDCo will report yearly to the governors and parents to ensure that quality provision is provided for all children with SEND.

SEND report to parents 2016-2017

SEND report to parents 2017-2018

SEND report to parents 2018-2019

SEND report to parents 2019-2020

SEND report to parents 2020-2021

SEND report to parents 2021-2022

SEND report to parents 2022-2023

What is the Local Offer?

When it comes to SEND the local offer is repeatedly referred to, but what is it? This video gives a brief overview. More information can be found on the ask lion website listed above.

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Saint Patrick’s SENDCo is Mrs Cannell

If you need to discuss any matters about SEND please contact her via the school telephone number or admin@st-patricks.nottingham.sch.uk

Useful Contacts and Documents

  • AskUs (Previously Parent Partnership)

Independent advice around educational issues
Futures, 57 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham NG1 6GE

Tel: 0800 121 7772           Email: enquiries@askusnotts.org.uk

  • The Government have published a document with advice and guidance for parents with children with SEND.

Special Educational Needs And Disabilites Guide For Parents And Carers

  • Nottingham City Council outline their graduated approach and how we work as a city council

Graduated Approach To SEN Nottingham Offer

Rainbows Parent Carer Forum Website gives lots of useful advice to parents and also gives lots of valuable opportunities to network with other parents.


  • Special Needs Circle

Support for parents and carers of children with special and additional needs living in the East Midlands – running virtually

Tel: 07495 551974           Email: admin@specialneedscircle.co.uk


  • The Nottingham Local Offer website outlines lots of useful information about the way Nottingham supports children with SEND. It also has up-to-date information about events and activities for children with SEND to access.

Ask Lion – Local Offer

  • The British Dyslexia Association gives advice and support for those who struggles with issues that may be related to Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a complicated array of symptoms that goes far beyond struggling with spelling and this website gives lots of information about the condition.

British Dyslexia Association 

  • Autism East Midlands (Previously NORSACA)

A specialist autism charity: offers respite and activities

Tel: 01909 506678            Email: www.autismeastmidlands.org.uk

Parent Support Hub: currently running virtually



  • National Autistic Society

Information and support-campaigning for a better world for people with autism

Tel: 0808 8004104            www.autism.org.uk