Our core teaching in Mathematics follows the Maths No Problem scheme which originated in Shanghai and is one of the few schemes recommended by the government. It is based on the mastery approach to learning so that all pupils learn together with their peers rather than being separated by ability in order to challenge high attaining pupils and to support all pupils to aim and achieve highly. We feel that using a scheme ensures a structured progression of maths skills with a consistent approach from year 1 to year 6. The published scheme includes active problem solving and encourages all children to explore problems in a variety of ways: maths talk for reasoning, concrete practical methods using resources and using formal written methods. As well as book-work our teachers supplement the scheme with a variety of activities and resources which make the maths learning more lively and connect it with real life experiences. We place a strong emphasis on the learning of key maths facts and we ask parents to help with homework practice to ensure that children have instant recall of these facts which they will need for more advanced problem solving.

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