Our Eco Warriors

Welcome to St Patrick’s Eco Club. St Patrick’s is proud to be working towards being an eco-friendly school inside our classrooms and school. A next step is to expand this to our beautiful grounds. Our Eco Warriors meet regularly to plan activities and undertake projects to educate the children here at our school on how we can be eco-friendly and in turn save our surrounding area and our planet. Our ambition is to be recognised as a school for being eco-friendly.

This year, our Eco Warriors are working towards two awards, the ‘Live Simply’ Award and the Woodland’s Trust ‘Green Tree Award.’

Supported by Miss Sutton and Miss Lane our Eco Warriors are putting their faith into action to care for our common home.

Learn more about the 'Live Simply' Award here

Learn more about the Woodland Trust 'Green Tree Award' here

Our school target this term is to reduce the amount of plastic we use and how we can recycle this product correct. Wish us luck!

16.1.2020 Eco Club Minutes

3.10.2019 Eco Club Minutes

27.9.2019 Eco Club Minutes

Eco Club Competition

1.5.19 Eco Club Minutes