As disciples we are called to follow God’s mission on Earth. To help us further understand God’s mission for us, we hear his word through scripture, each week, by taking part in part in a range of Acts of Worships


We have regular opportunities to attend mass within our local community either at Our Lady and St Patrick’s Parish church with Fr Wilfred or at the Becket School in their chapel with our friends and colleagues.

Mass at our Parish Church is on a Wednesday morning at 9:30 with the Parish community

Mass at the Becket is on a Friday at 12:15 with the Becket pupils and staff.

In addition we celebrate Mass as a school community in the school hall or in church once a half term. These masses are planned, prepared and delivered by pupils in different classes. Each has an inspirational theme that encourages to reflect upon our mission as disciples on Earth


Each week classes lead paired Acts of Worships on our Statements to Live By. These Acts of worship are, as with the masses, prepared, planned and delivered by the children.

Scripture, Actions and Mission are chosen by members of the class which are then shared with others.

Each class has a very special liturgy book on their prayer focus where they hold all their liturgies, responses to scriptures and evaluations. If you would like to see these please ask your child’s class teacher


Every Wednesday we are led by our chaplaincy team in a whole school Act of Worship. As with all other acts of worship the children are responsible for preparing these. In addition for this special Act of Worship we welcome our trust chaplains Joe and Ruth to support us in planning and prep. It is always a wonderful celebration of our mission to serve and love others as disciples of the Lord.

The sharing of scripture is vital to our work as Missionary Disciples.

As part of our celebrations for ‘The God Who Speaks – The Year of the Word’ and as we continue to go out and spread God’s message, each class has chosen a special piece of scripture important to them, that will guide them over the course of the year.

Their responses to the scripture are displayed in our hall to show how God speaks to us through scripture.