“Because when we truly encounter the Lord and his love for each of us, and hear afresh each day his Gospel invitation to change our lives and follow him as his disciples, we will find that we want to share with others the difference that knowing and serving Christ makes to our lives.”  Pastoral letter of the Rt. Rev. Mgr. Patrick McKinney, our Bishop Dec 2018

Here at St Patrick’s, inspired by the words of our Bishop, we believe that when we truly Encounter the Lord we become his disciples, spreading his message of love and friendship through our school, our parish, our community and beyond.

Please take a look at how we Encounter the Lord at St Patrick’s:


As Advent began, as a whole school, we initially looked at how, through daily Acts of Worship we Encounter the Lord.

We each took a different aspect of our Acts of Worship and discussed how the Lord is welcomed into our hearts and minds.


Located throughout school, in classrooms, corridors and intervention rooms, are opportunities for staff and children alike to draw close and encounter the Lord at prayer stations.

These prayer stations are opportunities for all, to take some time, walk in his footsteps and reflect on personal relationships with the Lord; seeking his comfort and guidance when needed.


As well as in personal prayer, we join together as classes and a whole school community to Encounter the Lord together.

Led by either the chaplaincy team, members of our classes or our teachers, we’re guided and supported to develop our unique and close relationship with the Lord


In every RE lesson across the school, we are encouraged to Encounter the Lord.

Whether this is at the start of the lesson in a wonder moment, during the lesson or at the end the end of the lesson as a moment of reflection, we are challenged to reflect on our relationship with the Lord and how we open our hearts and minds to his love and presence in each of our lives.


Motivated by our Encounters with the Lord, who teaches us a sense of justice, recognising love and responding to the needs of others, we support people around the world through charitable giving.

(See our page on Charities we support for more information)