New PFA members are urgently needed!      

With deep regret, the committee members of the PFA dissolved the current PFA at a meeting held on 23rd June 2021.

The committee members no longer have children at St Patrick’s School but have carried on with the running of the PFA for a further 3 years after their children left the school, with a hope that new parents would step forward and take on the role of running the PFA.  Sadly, despite numerous attempts to recruit new members willing and/or able to commit to a role within the PFA, no-one has come forward and as we are currently unable to run any events due to Covid restrictions, it felt like the sensible and right time to dissolve the PFA.

From September 2021, a new PFA will need to be formed in order to carry on the events which your children look forward to so much.  Please contact the School Office urgently if you would like to see events run by the PFA to continue and you would like to get involved.

The PFA have raised money in the past to:

  • subsidise school trips for every child by £10 per child every year: this is a fantastic saving for parents, even more so if you have 2 or more children at the school and children learn so much from these enrichment experiences
  • put on a Christmas disco, including hamper prizes: this is always a very popular event enjoyed by parents and children alike!
  • make the Christmas Santa Sacks: these were sold for the first time in December 2020 and were a HUGE success!
  • hold film nights throughout the year: children have told us that you can’t beat watching a film with your friends, whilst enjoying a hot dog, crisps and a drink
  • make and sell Easter Rabbits: these are also hugely popular and make great gifts for Easter
  • arrange the Family Fun Night in July, with raffle prizes: this is the largest event which the PFA organise and numbers attending has grown year on year with more stalls added every year offering fun for all the family 

However, none of these events can continue without a newly formed PFA in place.  

You need to have 4 named Committee Members which comprise of a Chair, a Vice-chair, a Treasurer and a Secretary. 

You don’t have to take on one of these roles by yourself, you could share the role with a friend.  Please take some time to consider taking on one of these roles and joining the PFA – without you, there will be no PFA!  If you don’t feel you can take on one of these roles, you could volunteer to help out at film nights, help on a stall at one of our discos or at family fun night – even half an hour of your time is appreciated.

Brief details of what each role entail are: 

Chair and Vice-chair 

  • to oversee everything which the PFA does and ensure events are run properly, the accounts are in order and check that everyone knows what they are doing and how to do it!
  • liaise with the headteacher re best dates to put on film nights, discos, family fun night, etc.
  • arrange dates of meetings 


  • to withdraw cash from the bank to pay for buying things for events and floats
  • to keep an up-to-date record of our income and outgoings
  • to bank cash after we have run an event
  • to raise cheques for various items which have been approved by the PFA to fund 


  • to take minutes of meetings and email them out to members
  • to keep the noticeboard at school updated with information
  • to liaise with the school office staff to arrange for letters to be sent out (ie, for film nights, the Christmas hamper or disco)

Training and advice will be offered to a newly formed PFA committee to show them how events have been run previously.