Headteacher’s Welcome

With Jesus we…Love first, Live the Gospels, Learn for Life


I’m proud and privileged to be the Headteacher of St Patrick’s Catholic Primary and Nursery Voluntary Academy. We work together in God’s love with the other schools which make up the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi Academy Trust. At St Patrick’s, we believe it is a privilege to teach and learn with and from our inspiring children. Our vision is to provide the best Catholic education for every child enabling them to: be happy, resilient, achieve highly, reach their full potential and beyond, feel safe, respected and cared for, to know and spread God’s love while respecting the beliefs and cultures of others.

Everything we do is rooted in Christian Values and we follow Christ’s example in every aspect of our school life encouraging our children to encounter and be disciples of Christ. In this way we will enable our pupils to grow academically, socially, morally & spiritually. To acquire the knowledge they need in order to become independent, questioning, confident, lifelong learners who are fully equipped to be successful and make a valuable contribution to the parish, local community and wider society. We believe every child is created in the likeness of  God and we respect, value and encourage every individual whilst working together as a whole school community. In order to achieve this vision, we recognise the importance of working collaboratively with all parents and carers and actively seek your support and cooperation in order to ensure our children enjoy all the opportunities they deserve.

We are a Catholic school and there have always been a significant number of pupils on roll who practise other faiths or do not have a faith. We welcome all children from all cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds whose families support our ethos and want their children to experience the caring ethos of the school.

Every member of the school community: our children, dedicated staff, governors, parents, carers, the parish priest and parishioners are committed to the whole school vision- to enable our children to have a loving relationship with God that will go beyond their school years and be lifelong so that they will always know His love, forgiveness and guidance as they grow into adults who will in turn spread God’s word and love in all that they do.

Working together we can achieve our shared vision for our school community and our children. We are very much looking forward to working with you and welcoming you into our school community.

Miss Luisa Ferrara