School Uniform


We ask for your co-operation in seeing that your children wear their uniform, which is smart, very simple and reasonable.  School uniform helps children have pride in their school and feel they belong.  Please mark all items of clothing, footwear and PE/games kit.  Each child should have a bag in school every day, in which PE kit and plimsolls are stored.



All of the uniform items can be purchased from:

S&A Uniforms

Telephone: 07970 875671



Click here for an order form, order forms are also available outside the School Office.



Grey trousers (school style) school sweatshirt and school polo shirt.



Grey skirt or grey trousers (school style), school sweatshirt/cardigan and school polo shirt, white socks or green/grey tights.


(In Summer Girls may wear green and white checked dresses with their cardigan/sweatshirt).  All children should wear sensible plain black outdoor shoes.  High heeled fashion shoes should not be worn in school, as they can prove dangerous.



All boys and girls need green shorts, a plain white t-shirt and black plimsolls.  This kit should be kept at school each week and washed over weekends and holidays.  Sensible training shoes are a good idea for the Key Stage 2 (7-11 year olds) as they often have lessons on the field or playground.



To ensure a safer environment at school, no jewellery is allowed at any time.  All forms of ear-rings/studs, bracelets, etc are strictly forbidden.  The safety of all children in the school must come first.  This rule includes a ban on all religious adornments, eg crucifixes.  Children with long hair are expected to have it tied back in the interests of health and safety.  The use of gel in hair and the wearing of nail varnish are both inappropriate, unnecessary and are not allowed.