School Trips




We are very keen indeed to make children’s learning as much fun as possible. Children learn best through directly taking part in their lessons in very hands on and active ways.

This process starts in the Nursery and continues to develop through the rest of the school.

As part of bringing the curriculum to life, we arrange for lots of enrichment events and experiences during the course of each year, for the different classes. This can be drama or music groups visiting school, Poets and Artists leading workshops, Greek themed days, Special Science and Maths days and lots of other exciting activities like Goose Fair celebrations in the Nursery, Chinese New Year and so on.

Also, the staff do try to get the children out of school each year on educational visits to different places, usually related to the topic that they are doing. Usually these are day trips to places such as the Brewhouse Yard Museum, Galleries of Justice, the Queens Medical Centre A&E department!! Also, Year 4 have a one night camping trip and Year 6 go on a residential visit each year to an outdoor activity camp such as Rock UK Frontier Centre in Northampton.

We do all we can to spread these activities through the year, and to keep the costs to a minimum. We also try to give parents as much notice as possible of the forthcoming trips or visits.