Simple steps to online safety for parents setting up technology in your family home in a way that is appropriate for every member of the family.



Childnet's Chatdanger website gives details about the potential dangers of interactive services like chat, IM, online games, e-mail and mobiles.



** Cyber Bullying **

Very Important Guidance from the Department of Education

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Below are links to useful websites


A non-profit making organisation working to help make the internet a great and safe place for young people.  It has a range of leaflets for parents and children in a number of different languages.


The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre maximises international links, its approach combines police powers and the dedicated expertise of business sectors government specialist charities and other interested organisations to tackle internet abuse.


All hot topics are covered including mobiles, blogging and gaming sites and users can tell someone via the site if they feel uncomfortable or worried about someone they're chatting to online.


For a complete guide to protecting your child's privacy online click here