Class 1


Welcome back Year 1! We hope you have had a lovely relaxing holiday and are looking forward to a fun (and busy) half term?

During Autumn Term 1 our topic will be 'This is me!' and our focus in all lessons will be on feelings / ourselves / challenges and people. As far as possible we will link our work to our topic as we feel this will best support your reading, writing and understanding.

Below is a topic web - you can use it to see the types of activities we'll be doing in class.


There will be a big focus on learning to read idependently this year. In phonics we will be learning how to read and spell words by blending (pushing the sounds together to read them) and segmenting (separating the sounds in the words to spell them). We have sent home a ‘Sounds booklet’, we have started with Phase 3 sounds and then later on in the term we will give out the Phase 5 sounds. 

Here is a useful website to help with learning your sounds!